About Us

Ozzy Bar Media was started out of necessity.

After years of working in the Hospitality industry , we had found that advertising costs a lot of money & so do televisions. And the fact was, that we were not seeing benefit from either of them.

We were spending €5000 plus on printed internal advertising a year with posters and flyers only to find them on the floor our used to stop a table wobble. We were also spending thousands on the latest technology televisions and when there was no sport or news on we just had them turned off.

So that was how Ozzy Bar Media was formed, we started with one Television and a Usb stick and threw up a few pictures done on power point. but then we realised that it looking good but not really that professional and stylish. Then it came to us and we developed a system that is cost effective, fully managed and beautiful to look at.

now we are ready to show the world that digital advertising is not just for the big boys and girls and it wont cost you millions

Silvio’s Templeouge

We understand that marketing and advertising your business can be expensive. And as we move to a digital age there are concerns that these costs will increase.

We at Ozzy Bar Media ensure that we offer the best digital advertising pricing around with our fully managed system taking away all the stress.

Tony Fleming

Owner and Lead Design


Inspiration and Emotional Support

Planning & Design

Your ideas made digital and pushed to your customers.

we do it all for you

Social Media

Our service packages include use for social media

If your not currently looking for Digital Displays we can help just with your social media

Other Services

When it comes to marketing we do it all, Just give us a call and we will see what we can do!